Podcasting, done right

Design, Bubble.io Development
Podcasters need to combine a variety of tools to manage the content creation process of their business. PodCave worked approached Imua with the design challenge of crafting a beautiful, centralized web-based tool for unifying digital podcasting tools.

The podcasting experience requries a mix of different tools to manage both content creation but also collaboration with other podcasters, engagement with podcast subscribers. Accordingly, the application would require a series of API integrations to bring key functionality into a unified dashboard to make podcasters lives easier.


After working together with Imiua for three months from wireframe designs through to final product, the PodCave team launched their platform and continue to make regular enhancements to their platform as they grow their podcaster community.

Unique integrations included a SMS and Email messaging tool (via MessageBird and SendGrid) to enable podcasters to send broadcasts to their followers and an integration with Feedly's API to let podcasters see trending topics by category.

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