What we do

We partner with clients to thoughtfully help them design and build high-polish, performant web apps on no-code platforms. We plan with scale in mind but practical business objectives first. We look for founders who can have a vision for their product, appreciate and prioritize design — both how it looks and works — and effectively prioritize and communicate what their customer needs.

Our roots

Imua was founded in San Francisco and headquartered next to some of the biggest names in the technology world. Eric Johnson worked at Airbnb and prior to starting Imua was always looking for the best tools to quickly build prototypes. As a product manager his job was to work closely with technical and business stakeholders to efficiently create the best product experience possible.

Eric met his partner Alex Davies years prior to starting Imua. After studying design at the Royal College of Art and working in the UK and Europe on a startup of his own, Alex joined Eric to help lead design efforts. He treats each project as an opportunity to explore the true potential of an idea and navigates the problem space to bring clarity to the user experience.

The Imua team has roots working at no-code agencies, designing in-house and at agencies as well as working at startups. They're adept in using both no-code platforms alongside traditional development tools and can use the right tool for the job.

How we work

We prioritize (and require) a design phase because even a well understood problem benefits from the design exercises we follow. Prior to development is a unique window of time to factor in new opportunities, identify areas of risk and design a user experience that factors in these insights and to create space for evolution. We also acknowledge that insights about the solution might indicate that the product may not be the right fit for a no-code tool — that's OK. With a distinct design phase we create room for that decision to be made.  

Our model is organized around the Google Venture's 5 Day sprint, but spread over the course of a 3-4 weeks to accommodate our client's sometimes busy schedules and to afford enough time for a high-polish UI design. Exercises facilitate question asking, mapping of the user experience and other tools that can lend new perspectives (or confirm existing assumptions) so you can move forward with confidence into defining the foundation of your product.

At the end of the design phase we have a high-polish design that creates clarity around what the user experience will be. This design can optionally be converted to a clickable prototype (static screens with dynamic interactions) that can be used for additional user testing to answer any outstanding questions.

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