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Companies are in need of interior design services for their office spaces. Services catering to this market do exist, however the process is inefficient due to the exceedingly long time it takes to arrive at a final design.

Given the myriad of products available and clients’ freedom of choice, clients excessively demand changes resulting in a client/designer stalemate that often requires mediation by a company manager. Not only is this unpleasant for clients, it costs the company time and money.

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With the Uneebo platform, clients can maker their own design decisions more quickly from a limited selection of products expertly curated for their particular needs. This process provides clients with choice and agency while ensuring quality of design.

The Uneebo bubble app is a great example of no-code enhanced with code-based functionality. The onboarding quiz that matches clients needs with products uses a JavaScript algorithm to calculate recommended product quantities. Additionally the app leverages an integration with Shopify to store product data, process payments, and generate customer invoices.

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